I have started my treatment with Invisalign!!! Follow me as I share my journey!

  • So It all started back when I was 18 years old and got my braces off.   I was advised by my Orthodontist to wear a retainer.  Long story short, I did not faithfully wear it and then I lost it.  I was young and naive and never went back for a new retainer.  Well as I continued to age, my teeth continued to shift  (part of the natural aging process).  But if I would have worn my retainer as I should have, my teeth would have not shifted.  

  • Here I am now, as a proud patient at Aszkler Orthodontics!  Follow me through my journey. Ask questions, and make comments!  I'm excited for this new transformation that is about to take place. 

  • My first appointment was a Complementary Consultation.  It consisted of Dr. Rob doing an oral exam followed by discussion on how he can move my teeth and what appliances would work best.  He said braces would be an overkill and that Invisalign would be best.  Plus I told him I would only choose braces if I could only wear them for no more then 3 months.  He laughed, because of course that is not reasonable!

  • I then had diagnostic photos taken of my teeth and three heads shots. 

  • See sample below

Diagnostic Photos











  • The second appointment was my impressions appointment.  A dental impression was completed, which is simply a copy of my teeth.  To make one the assistant placed impression putty in a tray and then squished it over my teeth and gums.  Took no longer then 5 minutes.  Easy appointment! 6 weeks later my trays were in.  They gave me my first tray.  It was very easy to place and remove.  I was advised to bite on bite tabs to help keep the Invisalign tray snug to my teeth to help aid in the movement of my teeth

  •  See example picture of bite tab below.


  • They told me to bite on the bite tabs until it became as flat as a pancake.  Well lets just say I ran with that advise and bit on it for literally 6 hours straight.  During that process I had no issues biting on it.  It wasn't util later that night I went to eat dinner and realized I could hardly open my jaw.  Well, that was my fault, I should have only chewed on the bite tabs for 20 minutes, not 6 hours!!!  I will not do that again.  I find it effective to bite the bite tabs for 20 minutes a day or more.  I also find it effective and easy to bite on them while driving, watching T.V. or while doing dishes.  Other than that they are not a big deal at all. 

  • As far as cleaning my trays, I added them to my morning routine.  I clean them every morning with dish soap.  I found it easiest by keeping a small container of dish soap and a separate tooth brush in the bathroom.  

  •  See picture below.